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TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Mihaela Rodina
A picture taken on August 19, 2011 shows Roma people preparing boiled wicker branches to plait baskets in Mironeasa village, 420km north from Bucharest. „I am proud of my work and happy to see that people like the objects I make,” said Vasile Anusca, a Roma wicker worker, while plaiting a basket in his yard swarming with children. At Mironeasa, in north-eastern Romania, wicker and wood-working skills have been handed down from generation to generation and all of Anusca’s 13 children have had a go. The two brothers used to go from village to village, carrying a bag full of wooden spoons or a pile of baskets, hoping to trade them for potatoes or beans. But now, a project called „Romano Cher” trains Roma handicraftsmen to make more sophisticated objects and helps them find buyers abroad, mostly via the internet ( AFP PHOTO / DANIEL MIHAILESCU

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