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TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Vasyl Trukhan
A picture taken on June 15, 2011, shows two men walking past the shop window of ‚Salo’, the Ukrainian word for ‚fat’, in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.Ukraine’s national dish of pork fat is a dense, white, chewy treat that can be an acquired taste. But a new restaurant transforms the traditional dish, moulding it into kitsch edible sculptures and even „sushi.” Named simply „Salo,” Zarkhin’s restaurant opened in June in the western city of Lviv and also markets itself as a museum of the lardy delicacy. On the menu are kitsch offerings including a copy of the penis of Michelangelo’s David, stuffed with potato dumplings, and an anatomically accurate „Van Gogh’s Ear.” AFP PHOTO/ YURIY DYACHYSHYN

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