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TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY JONATHAN FOWLER — Residents of Pitskuny, Belarus (behind fence) are pictured on July 20, 2008 as a Norviliskes, Lithuanian resident holds onto the fence which cuts straight through the village of Pitskuny, separating the Belarussian side from its Lithuanian half, Norviliskes. Villagers are cut off from the neighbors, the parish church and the cemetery, just a few steps but a whole world away. Such division is etched into communities all along the 678-kilometre (420-mile) Lithuanian-Belarussian border but what hurts the people of Pitskuny is that generations of them lie in Norviliskes’ cemetery, only metres (yards) from the fence but agonisingly out of reach of those who want to tend the graves. AFP PHOTO/Petras Malukas

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