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TO GO WITH AFP STORY „Russia-Japan-diplomacy-Kuril,FEATURE” by Shingo Ito
Ivan Smutchenko, 21, whose father was the first Russian born in the Kuril islands, points a map of the islands displayed on the wall of a history study room at school at Kurilisk in Iturup island, the biggest of Russia’s four disputed islands claimed by Japan, in Kurilisk, 12 August 2007. „Nyet,” Ivan Smutchenko answered shaking his head without hesitation when asked if Russia should give Japan back the four Kuril islands seized at the end of World War II. His father, Vladimir Smutchenko, was the first Russian born on the largest island of Iturup, or Etorofu, in 1947, helped by both Japanese and Russian midwives. AFP PHOTO / Shingo ITO

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